About Me · My Bio

I want every client of mine to ultimately be of greater emotional and financial health than when we met. It is my principal mission to protect and capitalize on each of my clients’ equity in the most beneficial way. In me, my clients find an attentive and consistent resource in the real estate world.

My real estate acumen is backed by a degree from the University of Washington Tacoma where I collected invaluable knowledge about real estate development, community economics, and urban planning and design. At UWT, I also conducted extensive research on data management, decision making, and leadership in order to prepare me to be as useful to my clients as possible. Additionally, I approach real estate with an energetic and innovative attitude, and strive to best utilize the most recent and effective technological advances in the industry.

Of course, none of these accolades mean much without good, old-fashioned, communication skills and work ethic. My clients are kept current with the progress of their goals through every step of the way. I am easy to reach, and my responses are clear and concise. I place great importance on having an exceptional work ethic.It is my goal to prove my competence at every opportunity so that I can reinforce might clients’ trust in me as a broker and general real estate resource.

When I’m not helping people achieve their real estate dreams I can usually be found hiking the Olympic National Forest, discussing the World Champion Seattle Seahawks, or hard at work in the kitchen. I’m a true Pacific Northwest native, and as a proud member of the Puget Sound community, I am compelled to evoke the words of a new, yet influential leader, Russell Wilson, “Always persevere, always have great perspective, and always have great purpose in your life.” My clients can trust that I will be prepared, that I will stay passionate, and that I will remain prideful in my ventures. That is a promise.